Cheapest Cloud Server for blog website(2015.10)

I write tech blog and I just need a cheapest linux server. Here’s my requirements:

  • linux
  • network band (not too slow to support ssh visit and small web static files fetching)
  • (optional) ip address
  • (optional) not in china (china web servers needs ICP cert), if not in china, not blocked by china network firewall

1 USD to 6.35 RMB

Service Provider(A-Z) Min price (per 30d) Spec(CPU core/Memory/Disk) I like it I don’t like it link
aws(t2.micro) $9.36 1/1G/8G free 12 months (credit card needed) float ip price
digitalocean $5 1/0.5G/20G ssd disk 1T trasnfer price
google cloud(f1-micro) $4.09 1/0.6G/- no transfer limit, free $300 for 60 days price
linode(1GB) $10 1/1G/24G ssd disk 2T trasnfer price
rackspace(General1-1) $27 1/1G/20G ssd disk price
microsoft(A0) $14.4 1/0.75G/19G price
阿里云(china青岛) ¥49.5 1/0.5G/20G float ip price
阿里云(us) ¥75 1/1G/20G float ip price
美团云(china) ¥68.8 1/1G/25G float ip price
腾讯(china) ¥65 1/1G/8G static ip price
腾讯(us) ¥75 1/1G/8G static ip price

So i’ll choose between google and digital occean.